To Frame or Not To Frame??

Those of us who sell our handmade needle arts often wonder if it is better to "finish" our designs with a frame or whether it is better to let our customers choose if they want to "finish" the piece, either in a frame or made into a decorative pillow. Below are two examples of my latest needlepoint projects. One is framed and ready-to-display and the other has been left to finish however one chooses.

In the first, Sunflower, I have framed it in a contemporary white frame to match any decor.

The second example, Princess, is one I stitched and have left for someone to finish as they choose.
So, the question remains, do you prefer to have your needle arts ready-to-display as soon as you receive them, or do you prefer to take the design and frame it yourself or make it into a decorative pillow (or anything else your creative heart desires)?? 



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